Diodo ULTRA-VELOCE 5A 600V 20ns. TO220AC

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TURBOSWITCHtm ULTRA-FAST HIGH VOLTAGE DIODE - TO-220AC. If(AV) 5A. Vrrm 600V. Trr(typ) 20ns. Vf(max) 1,5V. TURBOSWITCH family, drastically cuts losses in both the diode and the associated switching IGBT or MOSFET in all "freewheel mode" operations and is particularly suitable and efficient in motor control freewheel applications and in booster diode applications in power factor control circuitries. Packaged either in TO-220AC, ISOWATT220AC or in DPAK, these 600V devices are particularly intended for use on 240V domestic mains. TRELCO SRL Bolzano - 3LCO - . DATA SHEET disponibile su richiesta.